Friday, 12 February 2016

Black holes and Hawking radiation…hymn

Stephen Hawking – Reith Lectures – Black Holes
Black holes and Hawking radiation…
I try to explore faith in relation to events and discoveries. After listening to Stephen Hawking I wrote the following text which was sung in Wavertree, Liverpool o 6th February 2016

A spinning vat of data
a hidden vault in time,
no solace in this quantum,
an end to singing rhyme?
The information gathered
in each black hole in space
we cannot grasp or fathom:
like mystic freedom’s grace.

Its particles are virtual,
are neither seen nor heard,
yet somehow radiation
escapes - that seems absurd:
a parallel dimension
that leaks across the void
upsetting mathematics,
those we had once employed.

And is this radiation
like spirit that we sense
the edge of comprehension
felt in our present tense
discerned by those who fathom
the depth of loving grace,
immersing us in freedom,
yet outside time and space?
© Andrew Pratt 2/2/2016
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