Friday 10 July 2015

More than Hymns - Words for a Lyrical Faith - NEW HYMN COLLECTION - Andrew Pratt

More than Hymns - Words for a Lyrical Faith – Stainer & Bell Ltd http://www.stainer.co.uk/shop/b944.html

ISBN 0 85249 944 3

A creative spirituality is the essence of Andrew Pratt’s continuing affirmation of the role of hymnody in contemporary faith, through a corpus of lyrics for public worship that are amongst the most relevant of recent contributions to the form. No less than with his very first texts, dating from the late 1970s, the goal in this fourth and latest collection is to make sense of language, living and worshipping in a way that also acknowledges the shifting and often contextual nature of our words and of our world. One important influence in More than Hymns has been the discipline of writing hymns for three years of the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary. Another has been his response to the problem of evil as manifest in the crises and conflicts of the last decade. There are challenging insights into familiar Biblical themes, and a number of refreshing items, each a pi├Ęce d’occasion arising from the author’s varied pastoral work.