Thursday 30 December 2010

Hymn: God is not partial

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God is not partial,
calls all the people,
builds up the broken,
comforts the frail,
raises the fallen,
walks with the outcast,
loves without limits,
love will not fail.

God joined the people,
crowds John was calling,
crowds by the river,
turning around;
turned by his preaching,
turned by a conscience,
turned by a gospel,
suddenly found.

Humbly God joined them:
Jesus John's cousin,
strange, enigmatic,
why would he come?
John asked the question,
Jesus was forthright,
'You must baptise me.
This must be done'.

One with the people,
Jesus was rising,
out of the water,
mission begun;
light to the nations,
eyes to the blinded,
prisoners find freedom,
'this is my son'!
© Andrew Pratt 2/12/2010

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