Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Lift high the banner of these games
in this Olympic year,
that as we forge relationships,
respect might cast out fear.
Whatever name or creed we bear,
we share a common birth,
our skill and our ability
is drawn from all the earth.

Four billion people watch and cheer,
each country hand in hand,
where race, and faith and nation meet,
we pledge to make a stand:
through training we achieve each goal,
the victory is won.
A greater challenge far, for all:
to treat this world as one.

And so, O God we pray for grace,
in each success or loss,
that we might find humility
to bear each crown or cross;
in circles of communion
to share a common task,
to work for peace, to build fresh hope,
is all we seek or ask.
Andrew Pratt © Stainer & Bell Ltd (www.stainer.co.uk) 28/1/2012

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And another...

1    The witnesses are watching,
more athletes join the race.
We cover ground before us,
we run within God's grace.
We persevere with patience,
we lay aside each load
that holding or constraining
might slow us on the road.

2    Christ ran this race before us,
we heed the words he said.
His faith is our example,
we follow where he led.
Like every saint before us
our strength will come through grace;
Our passion is unending,
for Christ has set the pace.

3    Throughout our lives we'll follow,
we never will regret
the faithfulness and fervour,
the pattern he has set.
No shame could make him falter,
we'll follow to the end
the one who died at Easter
our risen, living friend.

Andrew Pratt  © Andrew Pratt 2004 Please include on you CCL return.

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1 comment:

  1. I take a more cynical view:

    An Anti-Olympic Hymn
    (with apologies to Andrew Pratt)

    Lift high the banner of these games
    with xenophobic joy,
    that as we greet our foes of old
    We see it’s all a ploy
    To keep our country’s spirits high
    and make us feel as one.
    But where’s the justice for the poor
    When all our credit’s gone?

    We’re going to spend six billion pound
    Send millions up in smoke
    So who would think three trillion debt
    Would not mean that we’re broke?
    So while our people scrimp and save
    and feel the daily pinch
    the politicians spend our cash
    Withdrawing not an inch.

    With legislative sleight of hand
    Egregious laws are drafted:
    Thou shalt not sell thy wares for miles;
    All but few are shafted.
    You should not go about your work;
    It causes much congestion.
    We’ve commandeered the road and rail:
    You must obey, no question.

    When all is run and thrown and won
    We’ll close with great panache,
    To show the world we are the best
    At wasting public cash.
    And when they’ve all gone home again,
    We’ll all feel warm and smug.
    GB has done it’s best again:
    I’m taken for a mug.

    © Damian Boddy 2 February 2012