Wednesday, 25 August 2010

SCM Studyguide Practical Skills for Ministry


The SCM Studyguide Practical Skills for Ministry offers a practical introduction for those who are training for ministry, both lay and ordained, within the church.
The book answers the questions asked by those preparing for ministry and by those who have recently started and found gaps in the way they have been prepared. The author uses real examples drawn from his experience of over 20 years of pastoral ministry, together with work in chaplaincy and broadcasting and the shared experience of others.
The book covers all those aspects of ministry required within the more practical contextual areas of the course of preparation for ministry in use by mainstream denominations, such as baptisms, weddings, working with others, communication, meetings and funerals. It provides practical guidance which is soundly theologically and pastorally based.

Categories: Pastoral Studies, SCM Study Guides, Theology, Undergraduate Theology and Seminary
Publication Date: NOW AVAILABLE
Binding/Format: Paperback      Pages: 192
Status: In Stock
Price: £16.99
ISBN:  9780334043591

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