Friday, 31 October 2014

Ebola hymn - How can we look, and not be moved

How can we look, and not be moved,
by lives that end and eyes that plead,
where parents cry while families part
amid their last despairing need.

Once we were distanced from the ones
that suffered while we stood to stare.
God give the gift of empathy
that we might offer more than prayer.

If all the world could live as one
then we would feel another's pain,
we'd feel each death as if our own
like links within a human chain.

When death and misery abound,
when illness strikes the human race,
God strengthen, fill us, with your hope
and bind us with your love and grace.
Copyright Andrew Pratt 30/10/2014
Hymn responding to the Ebola crisis.
Please use freely but include on your CCL return if you have one.

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  1. God fill us with your hope indeed thank you for sharing.